About Us

Are you an owner or a manager of a travel company? Then you come to the right place because Chernobyl.ua is an online service that helps users find, compare or decide on a tour operator and book a tour.

We do not sell excursions to the Chernobyl Disaster Area, we promote your services. Thus, after placing your resources on Chernobyl.ua, our visitors will become your customers.

A large number of users visit Chernobyl.ua every day. 

Advantages of cooperation with Chernobyl.ua:

  • according to our own and independent research, Chernobyl.ua provides its customers with the highest conversion rates. We provide consistent high quality traffic, with the number and quality of customers constantly increasing;
  • the largest and the most loyal audience;
  • every day, users make over 150,000 visits to Chernobyl.ua, which is more than 4 million visits per month. They do not accidentally come to Chernobyl.ua, but specifically to choose a tour;
  • our editorial staff support and update the catalog 7 days a week. On average, we are joined by one new service each month;
  • full transparency and convenience of work;
  • our clients sell more services and grow faster with Chernobyl.ua

Chernobyl.ua offers information from well-known beginners, large and small tour operators. All our regular customers have several common requirements: – they want to earn more money, while being confident in the effectiveness of their advertising costs, they want to have a reliable and experienced partner who is ready to listen to them carefully, grow and develop with them. Don’t you mind too? Join in and welcome to Chernobyl.ua!