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This Confidentiality Policy describes what kind of your personal information is collected and processed by after you enter this website. We use secure methods of maintaining confidentiality of, and providing reliable protection to your personal information. We will never use or share your personal information with anyone, except as described in this Confidentiality Policy. This Policy is included and applies to the Terms of Use available on this website. Please, carefully read this Confidentiality Policy to understand our views and practices as regards your personal information before continuing to visit this website.

Should you have any questions or if you want to access or make corrections in your personal information kept in our files, please contact us. We will respond by e-mail, unless you request another method of receiving our response.


We need your personal information to provide response if you contact us, send you some periodical marketing materials, such as newsletters, official documents or information regarding our professional services. We can do it only with your consent.

Our website is not intended for children under 16 years of age, and we intentionally do not collect personal information from children under 16 years of age. If you are not 16 yet, please do not use our website at any time or in any manner.


We collect personal information of our users to:

  • maintain and improve our website, make is more convenient and easy to use;
  • respond to user recommendations and complaints;
  • gather general information regarding website visitor traffic, monitor the number of page views / visits during a particular period for statistical purposes;
  • make sure that our system memorizes your information, so that you won’t have to enter it every time you visit our website;
  • for other administrative and internal purposes.

In addition, you can always decline our processing procedure based on lawful interests and have your personal information fully deleted from all our systems. For that purpose, complete our feedback form.


The only personal information categories we ever process are your name, e-mail address and phone number.

If you apply for an open vacancy or want to receive regular information regarding our vacancies, we will request your additional personal information, such as your resume (employment history and skills), home address and date of birth. We need this information to evaluate your skills and for other personnel selection purposes.


We also collect anonymous information from our website’s traffic to provide better service to our customers. For instance, we record certain, automatically collected information that includes IP address, web browser, OS. We also measure your activity on our website, but do it to ensure that this information remains anonymous. uses this data to analyze trends and statistics and, again, to provide better service to our customers. Cookie files may be used to transmit individual information to you from our website. You may decide yourself whether to accept cookies and how by setting your computer’s browser you use to access our website. If desired, you may change these configurations in your browser to accept all cookie files, receive notifications of cookies sent or decline all cookie files.

To learn more about cookie files, visit


We do our best to apply adequate precautions to protect confidentiality and ensure security of your personal information during transmission, and to use your information only in accordance with your relationship with and the practice described in this Confidentiality Policy. Please, be assured that our company will disclose no personal information to third parties without your prior written consent. However, we will have to disclose certain personal information in the event of legitimate legal actions taken against you by competent authorities, such as search warrant, court summons or court order. Legal action may also be taken against you if you violate the terms of using our website, e.g. attempt to breach integrity or security of the website. At the same time, please remember that Internet connection may not always be secure and that your device may be controlled by third parties, such as network administrators, Internet access providers and others.

After receiving your personal data, all possible security measures will be used to avoid unauthorized access, loss, disclosure or alteration of the received data.


We do not store personal information indefinitely. Your personal information will be stored in our system for as long as we maintain a business relationship. After that, your information will be deleted ASAP, and we will definitely notify you about that. policy is not to store your personal information for more than one year, which is a period we need to communicate with you as our potential customer.

In addition, you can always request deletion of your personal information from our system by completing a request form and sending it to us.


Under European Union laws, you have the following rights with regard to your personal information provided to us:

  • recalling your Consent, fully or partially, at any time in the manner stated in the Consent. In that case, a full or partial recall of the Consent does not entail the unlawfulness or groundlessness of processing the User’s personal information on the basis of the Consent before it was recalled by the User;
  • requiring the Company to enable access to personal information provided by the User, correct/clarify/ edit personal information, or limit the processing of personal information in the cases provided by Article 18 of GDPR;
  • supplementing the missing personal information, in particular, via additional declaration;
  • requiring the Company to delete the User’s personal information on the grounds stated in Article 17 of GDPR;
  • objecting to the processing of the User’s personal information;
  • keeping personal information portable/mobile, in a structured, generally form, in a machine-readable format, and communicating this information to another controller without any obstructions on part of the Company;
  • having the User’s personal information transmitted by the Company directly to another controller, if technically possible;
  • lodging complaints with supervisory authorities, receiving court-awarded damages, having a representative at bodies hearing disputes with the Company, receiving compensations from the Company for material and moral damages – according to the procedure set out in Article 8 of GDPR;
  • not falling within the scope of applicability of a decision based solely on automatic processing (including profiling) of personal information, which creates legal consequences for or significantly affects the User;
  • being notified by the Company in advance about changes in the purpose of processing the User’s personal information vis-à-vis the purpose stated in the Consent and this Confidentiality Policy before processing the User’s personal information according to the new purpose;
  • receiving information from the Company about: the name and contact information of a controller, processor, third party representative; the Data Protection Officer; recipients of the User’s personal information, countries or organizations to which the Company intends to provide the User’s personal information; the existence or absence of a Commission decision regarding adequate level of personal information protection in the country or at the organization to which the Company intends to provide the User’s personal information; personal information storage period; grounds for requiring the User to provide personal information to the Company and consequences of not providing the said information; the existence of an automated administration system, significance and consequences of processing personal information using this system; the source of the User’s personal information, if the said information was not received from the User;
  • receiving from the Company a copy of the User’s processed personal information;
  • being notified, at the User’s request, about recipients of the User’s personal information, whom the Company notified about the subsequent change or deletion of personal information or about limitation of the processing of personal information.

Company notified about the subsequent change or deletion of personal information or about limitation of the processing of personal information.

To exercise all these rights, complete our feedback form and send it to us.


To maintain confidentiality of your personal information, we keep physical, technical and administrative guarantees.

Our specialists regularly test and update our security system. Our personnel undergo trainings and attend lectures devoted to confidentiality and personal information protection methods. In addition, access to your personal information will be hidden from third parties, including our personnel who do not work with you or your personal information.

If data is leaked, our company will do everything possible to fix it and minimize adverse consequences. If we discover that a leak could inflict any damage upon you, we will definitely notify you about that.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, our company does everything possible to prevent any of the aforementioned factors.


Our website may feature content and products of other companies and links to other websites. We do not control, and cannot bear responsibility for confidentiality policies and practices of third parties.